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Overview Of Marble Mountains


Marble Mountains are one of the most attractions between Da Nang and Hoi An. Marble Mountains have another name is “Nui Ngu Hanh Son” in Vietnamese which translates to “Mountains of the Five Natural Elements” like Nui Thuy Son (water), Nui Tho Son (earth), Nui Kim Son (metal), Nui Hoa Son (fire) and Nui Moc Son (wood). They are alongside the Da Nang – Hoi An roads, just 10 km to the southeast of the central area of Da Nang.

During the American Vietnam War, people used it as a field hospital, probably within earshot of the American air field and China Beach which bordered the air field on the side opposite the mountains.


They consist of 5 mountains with many mysterious caves. In addition, there are beautiful pagodas, Buddha statues and temples along the outer slopes and some caves even have ancient buildings inside them.

Marble Mountains have many beautiful pagodas, Buddha statues and temples and some caves

These mountains have a complicated system of caves and tunnels. Among five mountains, the highest mountain is Thuy Son – the mountain of water. Most visitors like climbing up about 150 stone steps to reach the top of Thuy Son so that they enjoy the most beautiful site: the Riverview Tower or Vong Giang Tower in Vietnamese. Emperor Minh Mang built this tower in the 18th century.

Besides, you can visit Non Nuoc Village locating at the foot of Marble Mountains. If you come here, you can not only see the local people life as well as the culture but also buy some things like necklaces, bracelets, vases and the sculptures of Buddha made from marble stone.

You can visit Non Nuoc Village located at the foot of Marble Mountains

In the past, to have this wonderful construction, local people extracted rocks directly from the Marble Mountains to make sculptures. However, now materials for sculpturing work are now transported from Quang Nam Province, because the government banned the direct extraction.

As there are several Buddhist sanctuaries, these mountains attract more tourists and become a famous destination. It is worth spending a little time to view.

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